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The North Wales Wind Farm Connection is a 132 kilovolt (kV) electricity connection between two new wind farms in North Wales and the electricity distribution network at St Asaph.  On 28 July 2016, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy granted development consent to SP Manweb for the North Wales Wind Farm Connection – Option B route, under section 114 of the Planning Act 2008.

For more information about the Development Consent Order, please click here.


The 20km connection consists of 17.5km of 132kV overhead line and 2.5 km of underground cable.

Construction of the underground section will start in June 2017 and work on the overhead line will begin in July 2017.

You can find more information about the construction programme and the progress of work at www.spenergynetworks.co.uk

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July 2016 update
The Development Consent Order documents and the application can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate’s website. This map is maintained for reference of the alignment(s) consulted on.

Extent of development including the selected Hafod option
Henllan option – not being taken forward


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